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Tidying up your house – the mini-guide


Cleaning a house can actually be quite tricky if you do not follow a certain pattern and schedule for it. Plus, cleaning up does not mean just dusting around and folding some clothes here and there. It is all about throwing away or putting aside whatever you no longer use. or you desire to get rid of. Free space is always limited, no matter how big your house or garage is. This is the main reason why knowing how to tidy up is so paramount. Usually, people do not know what’s the main difference between cleaning up here and there and tidying up the entire house regularly, as you should. A tidy person needs to be aware that cleaning should not become an annoying, obsessive habit and should not take longer than 15 minutes a day. Even though you’ll have to create a list of everyday cleaning tasks, there is no pressure on you or anybody else regarding cleaning.

A house doesn’t need to look completely perfect, but it has to be clean enough to make living in it pleasurable. Activities like making the bed, managing clutter, sorting the mail out, cleaning after you cook or sweeping the kitchen floor are regular, but when you think about reorganizing your garage, finding some storage units near you to put away all the things you no longer need, but don’t want to throw away and so on, might get you a little bit scared. Yet, you’ll have to get yourself together and think about the fact that your house needs tidying up every now and then. Read this article to learn how to deal with each room of your house without much effort. After all, you will notice that this is worth it, and you’ll feel more comfortable and fulfilled than ever.

The bathroom

It is quite obvious that bathrooms need cleaning quite often. Start by setting up a laundry schedule that you should respect. Wash your bathroom rugs whenever you feel like it is necessary. Towels, washcloths and hand towels should be carefully taken care of, changed and wash as often as it is required, to avoid any kind of inconveniences or health issues caused by them. The actual cleaning you need to do in this room implies the toilet, the bathtub, the shower and the sink. There’s not much about it other than you should use a disinfectant. Make sure you throw away all cosmetic products that have expired and replace them with new ones. Save up space, since it is limited and don’t forget to empty and clean the trash bin.

The bedroom

Talking about that laundry schedule that you created, you should include into it all the things that you need to frequently wash in your bedroom. People don’t know this very well, but sheets should be washed quite often, at a higher temperature than usual to avoid skin rashes or any other sort of bacteria build-up. The same goes for mattress covers, which are usually filled with dust and other residuals from your skin or clothes. Blankets can be cleaned up in a longer period of time, but they require your attention too. Make sure you start decluttering your wardrobe on time and maybe donate the clothes you no longer wear instead of throwing them away or destroying them. Your bedroom furniture should be carefully dusted, and the floors should be vacuumed whenever it is necessary. All trash bins existent in your bedroom need to be emptied and cleaned up to avoid any odors or bacteria.

The living room

The living room is one of the rooms that always get messy since people spend a lot of their time here. Starting with storing away all the things that rest around without any purpose like magazines, books, toys or any other objects you no longer need but simply keep in your living room and continuing with dusting the furniture, the electronics and vacuuming upholstery and the floor is absolutely essential. Think about the fact that when you invite people over, the room they are going to spend most of their time in is the living room. Pay attention to details and do not miss any details.

The kitchen

The kitchen has a lot of things that need often cleaning, such as the sink, the countertops, the refrigerator, each small appliance and so on. But one thing is more important than anything else: discarding old food and beverages. Not only that old food occupies storage space, but it can also be a triggering factor for your health. You can consume by mistake something that’s long-time expired and you’ll get food poisoning in an instant. Wiping down inside of the oven and the microwave is also a step you cannot miss. The same goes for emptying the trash and moping the floor each time it gets dirty. Consider buying a dishwasher if you can’t handle cleaning the dishes on time.

The entryway

This is one area of people’s houses that often gets avoided. The hallways usually have throw rugs, that need to be cleaned p regularly. Dusting the area should include the furniture, the home decor, the staircase banisters where necessary and each light fixture. If any mirrors are present, you should wipe them down. Again, keeping things in your hallway like your bicycle or items that consume a lot of free space is not recommended.

The home office

If you own a home office, you should know that here you’ll find a lot of things you need to get rid of. Since during work you are too focused to put away what you no longer use, do that when you clean up the entire house. Try sorting the through in-boxes, which will help you pay bills on time, sort miscellaneous paperwork and file paid bills away. Dusting and vacuuming are part of the deal here too but pay more attention to the items you need to store away rather than the cleaning itself. It will free up space and help you remain organized.

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