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Tips for an efficient natural sore throat treatment

It often happens for a bacteria, a virus or a flu, to come along with an unbearable sore throat. Since it is so commonly met, there are many drugs available at the pharmacy, but why charge your body with all sorts of medicines, when you can easily find a natural sore throat treatment, the most suitable one for you. Once you’ve decided to go for the natural way, you have to know that such kind of sore throat treatment will fight against your allergy, sinusitis, acid reflux, chronic infections, loss of the voice and also inflammation.

The most commonly met sore throat treatment, consists in drinking lots and lots of fluids. Your body needs to be properly hydrated so that it will have the strength to carry on fighting against what caused you the sore throat in the first place. And the best part of such remedies is that they are almost free, if not completely free, since they are done by yourself, indoors. First of all, salt is well known for its efficiency to cure a wound really fast. Due to its properties, the sea salt is better, more powerful. So preparing a gargle using warm water and sea salt, will result an excellent natural sore throat treatment, with no further side effects. Here’s a hint to improve your healing process: add some cayenne pepper to the composition and try repeating your gargle as often as you can. The pepper is used in calming your throat, for it is not a pleasure to gargle with salt.

Another effective sore throat treatment is consisted in the mixture of a spoon of apple vinegar with another one of honey. Pour some hot water in it and there you have it! Another mixture with honey as well, would be the turmeric, but this time with no water upon it. If you’d rather go for something more tasty, then try the lemon tea. In a hot cup of water, squeeze entirely a half of lemon. You can add some garlic and a pinch of cayenne pepper for an improved sore throat treatment. Garlic is a very good anti-microbial and you can also eat it without any other elements. Another interesting idea, is the remedy with ice cubes. If you are having trouble swallowing your food, or even your own saliva, this is due to an inflammation, one that can be treated with an ice cube. Think of it as a candy, a pain relieving one.

Overall, the simplest way to follow a sore throat treatment is by eating lots vitamin C from fruits, especially citrus. Another effective way would be the use of essential oils, for an improvement of the respiratory system. You can either decide to inhale them or have a massage, one that will improve the blood circulation. It is better to use the natural ways for a sore throat treatment, for it also helps maintaining a clean body, a detoxified one and you won’t affect other parts of your body, as most medicines and the over doses of those tend to do.

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