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Tips on Finding the Right Mobility Aids for Disabled People

Being disabled can mean limiting the possibilities a person can have to live a normal and independent life, because disabled people have difficulties in walking and doing things around or outside the house. However, with the help of several mobility aids, disabled people can start having more independence and movement freedom.

How to choose the best mobility scooter

Being unable to move is an awful feeling that can make you feel useless and like a burden for your family, therefore, any help that can offer you mobility, is like a blessing. If going to the store or cleaning your yard is an impossible task for you, as you can not move from one place to another, getting a mobility scooter is a great idea. This device is an electric powered machine that is light and easy to maneuver and will make moving a lot easier and painless. When you decide to buy a mobility scooter, you must consider certain aspects, in order to assure you will choose the most appropriate device for your needs.

First of all, decide if you want a mobility scooter that you will use in daily activities, like going to the market or to a neighbor’s house, or if you want a scooter designed for long travels, that you can disassemble and put in the car trunk.
Then decide what terrain you will use it on, if you want an indoor scooter or if you live in hilly areas, and what storage options you have in your house.
Also, consider your body weight before buying a mobility scooter and make sure you test every feature very well. Speaking of features, assure that the scooter has strong safety features, such as stability on inclines and turns, check the brakes to make sure they work properly, choose models with head and arm rests and comfortable electric powered seats that you can adjust on your height. Optional accessories like oxygen transporters, baskets, rain canopies or crutch holders are also very useful.

Choosing the appropriate stair lift for your needs

For those who can walk, but have difficulties in climbing the stairs and going from one floor to another in their house, a stair lift is the perfect home improvement that can ease they life without them having to isolate on one floor. A stair lift is a device with a chair or a platform that you can install on the stair railway, and thus climbing the stairs will be an easy and painless task. The best stair lift should be easy to maneuver and should feature a safety sensor that can detect obstructions along the way. Moreover, the best stair lift should also be very comfortable.

When you decide to install a stair lift, the manufacturer must come to your house and take the necessary measurements so that you will be comfortable and safe while using the device, without hurting your legs or falling. In order to avoid accidents, make sure the device has safety belts, a swivel chair that will allow you to climb on an off face landing and a lock for the safety of children.
Make sure the seat is comfortable and adapted to your height, and that the controls are designed whether you are left or right handed, also choose remote controls and wall controls that will help you easily access the stair lift.

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