Tips to Improve Your Software Architecture

Software architecture is represented by high level structures that are integrated in a software system, which is a system of components that intercommunicate with each other with the help of a software forming section of a computer. Therefore, the architecture of software consists of a number of configuration files, programs, and system and user documentation.

Although software architecture can be defined as a group of structures that include the software components and the relations between them, this term represent a set of exercises and practices that can design, define and select the architecture of software. So, if you want to improve its design, you can achieve your plan without making very big efforts. All you have to do is consider these tips that will allow you to provide a high quality performance for your device.

One of the methods that you can use to update your software architecture implies using the requirements of your stakeholders as the base of your project, because an architecture is centered on non-functional requirements. Every part of the design should focus on the business requirements that you must translate into the right architectural design decisions. Furthermore, you can use the layer pattern to separate certain parts of the application. However, this action might influence the performance, so depending on your needs, you can consider layering as a good or a bad solution.

You can create a scratch from the quality attributes, or from the Non-functional requirements. You can also opt for choosing a proper design by turning to one of the design patterns or architectural patterns that you can find as examples in order to save time. The most important aspect that you must take note of refers to the fact that an architectural pattern represents a relation between a problem and a solution.

However, if you think that the problem that you encounter is unique and nobody else has to deal with something similar, you can read the following books “Design Patterns” and “Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture”. They will help you to find all the answers that you need.

Another trick to achieve the best results is to create an architecture description that can allow any reader to understand why you made a certain decision. Moreover, you have to add explicit assumptions to the description and share your rationale with those who are interested in your work.

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