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Top 3 Best Stair Lifts

If you have decided you need a stair lift in your house to help you climb the stairs easily and without any pain and effort, here are the top 3 best stair lifts that will offer you the best features for maximum performance, safety and comfort.

Elite Straight Rail Stair Lift

This lift has received a lot of positive stair lift reviews from satisfied users. This very stylish stair lift combines the luxurious aspect and the latest technologies to offer users a reliable and safe help in climbing the stairs. If you are looking for a stair lift that will reflect good taste and elegance, this sophisticated stair lift is what you need and it will complement your interior d├ęcor like no other will. It can carry up to 400 lb and it has continuous charge strips that power the unit wherever it stops along the staircase. Thanks to the vertical rail and flip-up seat, armrests and footrests there will be plenty of space for the other family members to use the stairs. The direct drive engine with no belts reduce the usage and the maintenance costs and the 12-volt battery that is continuously charged from your household outlet provides dependable performance even when the power is off. The compact design features a generous seat with adjustable height and width to make sure every user will feel comfortable while using the lift and the swivel feature makes entering and exiting safe and easy.

Sterling 2000 Curved Rail Stair Lift

The Sterling 2000 stair lift is designed to offer quality, comfort and safety every time you use it while being a discreet presence in your home. This curved stair lift is suitable for curved staircases, it fits close to the wall to leave enough traffic space and it offers tight inside turns. It is stylish, comfortable, adjustable for any size and weight, it can carry up to 300 lb and it is easy and safe to use, allowing you to feel independent in the home you love. It is powered by a backup battery that makes it safe to use even when the power is off and the remote control makes it very easy to maneuver. You can choose from various colors, such as sand, ruby, cocoa or jade, according to your home interior and your preferences.

Stannah 260 Curved Rail Stair Lift

This stair lift is designed for curved staircases and it offers you reliability, quality and a sleek design that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. This stylish chair lift features a powered swivel seat for safety, it includes a battery that charges even when the seat is not in use, you can fit the stair lift either to the inside or outside of the staircase to enjoy maximum performance and comfort, and some models include a two-way powered swivel seat. This stair lift comes in 9 varieties of colors and fabrics and includes 4 chair shapes.

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