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Top 3 Greatest Automatic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning the pool is a tiring and time-consuming task that has to be done regularly if you want to be able to swim in it. Fortunately, this task can be taken off of your hands completely if you own the right device. If you want to find out which are the top 3 greatest automatic pool cleaners on the market for you to be able to cross off cleaning the pool from your list of chores by owning any of them, read the following robotic pool cleaner reviews.

1. Polaris 9350 Sport

Our choice for the greatest automatic pool cleaner on the market and the model that we recommend you use if you’re looking for a truly superior quality model is the Polaris 9350 Sport. It costs around $1,200 so it’s not an affordable device you can buy anytime but once you check it’s ratings, you will know it’s what you need for cleaning the pool. This 4-wheel drive robotic pool cleaner can handle cleaning all types of in-ground pools that measure up to 50 feet in length. Thanks to the ActivMotion Sensor technology, the cleaner makes its way around the pool regardless of its shape. The solid blade brush that it uses ensures no debris will escape it when it’s cleaning the floor or walls of your pool. The innovative Vortex Vacuum technology that it uses gives it more vacuum power than other models on the market, and it enables it to store more debris as well. It’s fully customizable due to the 7-day programmable timer that it features. It comes with a useful motion sensing remote.

2. Hayward TigerShark RC9990CUB

The Hayward TigerShark RC9990CUB robot pool cleaner can be yours for the price of $900. It features an impressive 90-minute Quick Clean cycle that you can use when you’re in a hurry. If you select the normal cleaning cycle, it will handle cleaning the pool’s water, cove, walls, and floor in no more than 3 hours. The 24V motor that powers it is designed to save energy and costs. It features an innovative cartridge filter system that makes emptying easy. All you have to do is to open the cleaner, remove the cartridge, and clean the debris off with a hose.

3. Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40

A cheap but efficient automatic pool cleaner is the Pool Rover S2-40. This robotic pool cleaner costs $300. It’s ideal for above ground pools of all shapes that measure up to 40 feet in length. It filters 80 gallons of water per minute. In addition to filtering the pool’s water of debris, it can clean the pool’s floor, cove, and walls. It features a convenient power supply that has 1 or 2-hour options. Due to the fact that it increases water circulation, this model reduces the total chemical usage with up to 30%. Also, it saves energy as well, costing only around 5 cents per cycle hour to operate it.

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