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Top 3 Security Camera Systems

Security cameras are designed to help you feel safe whenever you plan on staying indoors or leaving the house. You can monitor the activity indoors and outdoors, depending on your preference. Nowadays, security systems have evolved into more efficient and practical devices, easy to set up and to use. These top 3 security camera systems are some of the most popular devices available on the market.  If you want to know why find out more below.

Nest Dropcam, $194

Security camera systems allow you to take all the safety measures needed to feel protected 24/7. The Nest Dropcam security camera offers 720p video, along with night vision so you can stay alert even during the night. Moreover, the powerful digital zoom allows you to take good quality pictures and have a clear image even when you decide to zoom in or out. The sensor of the Dropcam camera is designed to pick up on every movement. This sensor combined with the glass lens gives you a clearer picture of what’s happening while you are left. We like that this security system is easy to set up. In addition, the fact that it integrates with Nest Protect and Thermostat is also a positive aspect that we highly appreciate while using the Nest Dropcam.

Netgear Arlo, $199

The Netgear Arlo is a wireless security camera that comes with a compact design, a curved plastic exterior that has a white glossy finish. The innovative and compact design is not the only thing that is good about the Netgear security camera. This device comes with some great features, such as programmable modes which can be edited in the Settings menu in the Web console or mobile app. The app comes with two main modes: “All motion on” and “All motion off”. Furthermore, you can create modes which can be customized by entering the Settings menu. Another great aspect of using this security camera is that it automatically starts recording if it senses any type of motion. You will be notified via email. The modes of the Netgear Arlo also can be either manually selected or set up on a schedule.

Samsung SmartCam HD, $169

Our third choice is the Samsung SmartCam HD, an efficient Wi-Fi security camera that comes with innovative features. This security camera is easy to set up and manage. This device comes with 1080 video resolution which allows viewing pictures and videos in high definition, thus making sure that you won’t miss any motion indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, the night vision allows you to stay alert all the time, while the motion-detections zones offer an increased level of security. A downside to using this camera is that it doesn’t come with programmable modes or cloud storage for recorded video.

An extra advice: Frontpoint Home Security

If you are looking for a complex security system that will cover all the surveillance and protection aspect in your house, we recommend the frontpoint home security services that will meet all your needs and will guarantee your home is protected at all times. Frontpoint home security includes a wide range of equipment like indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, smoke and flood detectors, motion sensors, panic alerts, and more. Their services come at different prices, according to the type of gear you opt for and the complexity of the security measures you are looking for.

That being said, keep in mind that a security camera can merely help you monitor your home, and perhaps scare some burglars. As far as the braver burglars go, the security camera can’t prevent them from breaking into your home. It can only record them in the act. This is why it is recommended to combine a security camera system with other security gadgets, such as the best smart lock or an efficient alarm. If you are interested in the best smart lock, we recommend the August lock, as it is easy to install, and it has some great security features such as an access log which tells you how many times the door has been accessed when it has been accessed and by whom. Thus if you suspect that your babysitter or other service providers might be stealing from you, you can check to see if they have accessed your home, when you were not expecting them.

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