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Top 5 Most Extreme Sports

Playing football, basketball or rugby can be an adrenaline-full experience, but it is nothing compared to the most extreme sports in the world. Failing as a soccer goal getter in the finals is unpleasant but at least it is not life threatening as making the wrong move in most extreme sports.

But what are the most dangerous sports in the world? Here are our top 5 most extreme sports:


This is the most extreme type of kayaking and it started in the 80’s when kayaks were fabricated from more durable materials. Extreme kayakers took this sport to another level when they began rowing in rapid flow rivers with huge waterfalls as dead ends. The risk of being crashed into rocks or being dragged underwater made it even more exciting.

Base Jumping

Base jumping is considered the most dangerous and one of the most extreme sports and statistics confirm it: about 40% of the jumps end up with in fatality. Jumpers use almost everything as a base from tall buildings to bridges, cliffs or antennas, where they throw themselves from and air dive for a few seconds before they open their parachutes. Guess what happens when the parachute has issues with the opening?!

Wingsuit Flying

This is the closest thing to every human being’s dream: flying. It requires a special suit with wings that allows gliding down to the ground when jumping off a perch. It is so dangerous that only experienced skydivers with at least 200 jumps are allowed to practice this sport, being one of the most extreme sports ever.

Volcano Boarding

Forget about snowboarding, this sport is guaranteed to take you on a ride on the highway to hell! When a volcano is about to erupt, you usually run and never look back. Well, you would be surprised how some adrenaline junkies take their chances with an active volcano, like Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro Mountain. The sport involves descending into the volcano’s slope on a board made of plywood and Formica, at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Free soloing

Rock climbing, also known as alpinism, is a notorious sport. In its almost 300 years of recorded history, alpinism developed more advanced safety measures and equipments in order to minimize the risk of injury and death from falling. Free soloing, instead, is all about taking it back to the old school. Using nothing but your fingertips and toes to support your body weight, while climbing a rock at extreme heights, requires intense concentration and physical discipline. Mistakes are not allowed if you want to remain alive.

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