Top Bridal Shoe Trends for 2012

Bridal shoes are a very important accessory for the wedding dress. Whether you opt for high heels, whether you choose colored shoes, you must make sure that the shoes fit perfectly with your wedding dress and your accessories. We propose you take a look at the top bridal shoe trends for 2012. It is important to not rush to make decisions and you will definitely find your favorite model.

  • 2012 brings a touch of freshness in terms of bridal shoes that favor bold brides who want to attract attention in a pleasant, unique and admiring way. Therefore, designers bring on the catwalk colored shoes, the splash of color that will get you out from the crowd in your wedding day. And the advantage is that you can wear them to other occasions unlike the classic white bridal shoes. Gold is one of the star colors of the 2012. However, silver shoes for girls are also appropriate, especially for young and daring brides who want to turn heads all evening. Silver is a noble and elegant color, and it suits all women, so carefully consider wearing a pair on your wedding day as well.
  • Shoes with bright details and we are talking about the highest degree of brightness that follows the rules of refinement – crystals, rhinestones, metallic elements for a glamorous bride.  Shoes accessorized with dazzling details will delight young brides certainly and are one of the most important trends in terms of bridal shoes, in 2012.
  • Platform bridal shoes are another trend in 2012 and a good choice if you want to stand out and look taller. Platform shoes will give you an elegant attitude, and bright details, sheer fabric and bows transform the shoes and add a touch of sparkle and sophistication.
  • Shoes with brooch adornments are also in trend this year. Sophisticated brides can opt for shoes with jeweled brooch adornments or simply go to a bridal boutique with a simple pair of unadorned shoes and ask to apply a brooch. That way, you can both follow the fashion trend and keep tradition by adding a piece of jewelry or accessory that belonged to someone else – and is therefore borrowed -, or which is a family heirloom – and is therefore something old. When you look out for the latest fashion trend, you have to keep an eye for what has been kept and what new elements introduced; fashion is cyclic, so you never know when an old piece of clothing or accessory will become popular again. Be a unique and daring bride and follow your heart’s desire when preparing your outfit.
  • Bridal shoes with bold prints such as animal print, polka dots or different floral prints are also in trend in 2012 and they are primarily for brides who want to stand out more, who want to give a slightly nonconformist note to the most important event in their live, and who are not afraid to break away from tradition.
  • White, simple shoes, medium-heeled or with a few extra inches will always be trendy. With or without details, you can always choose such a model, and designers surprise the woman who loves the classic style and spoil the innocent bride with white and subtle bright details.


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