Top Three Extreme Games

The most extreme games are those that can make you feel like you are actually in the game. The realistic effects and the challenges that some video games feature can give you the impression that you are the player, so you can get the thrill of being part of the game.

Skate 2 for the Xbox360 is a game that provides lots of tricks for the players. Gamers have to rebuild the skaters’ careers by bringing the New San Vanelona back to life. This city was left in ruins until Mongocorp rebuilt it into a rigorously policed fortress, and put a restraint on the once successful skate population.

Players have the task to revive the skate scene by turning to their ability of getting off-board and moving objects around. On their way to success they have to earn sponsorships, enter competitions and own challenges. One of the things that gamers will appreciate is the fact that this is one of the extreme games that gives them the option to see an X-ray score sheet. That way they can see all the damage they caused to their skater after he suffered certain injuries, such as broken bones.

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 is a game that offers you the chance to compete against Bam Margera’s team in the World Destruction Tour. The custom created protagonist goes to all sorts of skateparks around the world where he commits to spinning a 720 chair flip and acid-dropping onto an art gallery from 40 feet, and rocket-airing off a church roof.

The game begins with Tony Hauk and Bam Margera being the heads of two teams of pros. Some of the characters are fictional and some of them are from Jackass, so you can have lots of fun putting them in hilarious situations that involve bouncing, grinding and spinning across roofs with their backsides on fire. However, if you feel nostalgic for older Tony Hawk games, you can opt for the new levels which feature a Classic mode. That way you can accomplish your favorite tasks that include High Score and Secret Tape.

One of the most active extreme games is Real Boxing. It allows the player to increase his chances of winning by spending the upgrade points that he earns from each fight on his fighter abilities: speed, endurance and strength. The game features three tournaments which are divided in 27 brutal matches. You can use different punches to defeat your opponent and you should expect to see some blood.

This game gives you the opportunity to act like a real boxer by throwing uppercuts, hooks, and by being able to dodge and block your adversary. After all, it is a boxing simulator.

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