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Top World News Stories of 2013

Watching the news is like taking a dose of pessimism, every single day. There’s rarely anything nice on the news. The top world news stories often include natural disasters or war conflicts. Things were not very pink in 2013 either. While most of the world is having a rather peaceful existence, certain people are experiencing hell on earth. However, from time to time, there are certain news that give us hope for a better future. Lets take a look at some of the most important news stories of 2013.

  • 1. The Typhoon Haiyan

Haiyan was more than a typhoon. It was one of the most fierce displays of nature’s force which showed us just how fragile the human kind is. This typhoon devastated the Philippines with 170 mph winds and 20 feet high sea levels. Over 5000 people lost their lives in this devastating natural disaster.

  • 2. India’s increasing rape incidents

Despite being the country with the faster growing economy, India is still a country with many unbalances. The overly mediatized gang rape of 2012 led to mass protests where people demanded more protection for women. Despite the protests, the rape situation in India is still severe and it will require a lot more in order to change.

  • 3. A new type of religious leader

Pope Francis is one of the most controversial leaders of the Catholic Church. Unlike his predecessor, Pope Francis is a lot more forgiving and less conventional. He is a strong believer in the good in people, without taking into account their sex orientation, gender or religion. In 2013, the pope has constantly been in the media’s attention. It seems that his purpose in life is to shock the traditional religious leaders and constantly end up in the top world news headlines.

  • 3. New politics in Iran

A new leadership doesn’t always bring on a new regime. However, when it comes to Hassan Rouhani, the new Iranian president, it seems that a new political era is called for. In just a few short months of presidency, Hossan Rouhani managed to make a lot of changes in the troubled Iran. One of his most daring moves was a direct communication over the phone with the president of the United States. This was the first dialogue that the two countries had in 30 years. In November, Iran even tried to make a deal with the USA and a few other global powers in order to seize the nuclear programs in exchange for outrageous financial sanctions.
These were but a few of the most important top world news stories of 2013. As you can see, between the war conflicts and the natural disasters, a few rays of hope are sprinkled.

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