Traffic generation – one of the tried and tested inbound marketing strategies

Building a streamlined, intuitive and relevant website for your business is the first step towards gaining online exposure, but, unfortunately, there are many creative hardworking webmasters out there who simply stay unknown. Why? Because no one can find them online. In order to achieve a website’s full potential, you have to drive traffic to it and make sure as many people as possible see it. Despite the latest inbound marketing innovations and practices, traffic generation remains one of the sure-fire ways to increase a company’s online visibility. However, driving traffic to your website is not as straightforward as it sounds because there are several schools of thought as to how it should be done. Depending on your budget or how fast you want to see results, you can use one or more of these practices.


Setting up a blog and posting engaging content on the regular is a great way of boosting traffic organically and getting people interested in your business. According to the latest market studies, blogging offers invaluable marketing opportunities for businesses and the ones that do not have a blog risk getting lost in the crowd. On the one hand, blog articles play a huge role in increasing search engine traffic and tie in with your social media and email marketing strategy. On the other hand, having a blog make your brand more human, more approachable and establishes you as an expert in the industry.



Search engine optimization is one of the best investments you could make for your business, regardless of its size. As Google algorithms change a couple of times a year, usually without any explanation, you might discover that your site no longer ranks as high as it used to. Or maybe you introduced a new product or service and you want to raise awareness. No matter your long-term goals, SEO can help you drive traffic to your most valuable landing pages and keep your site optimised at all times through great content and quality back links.


Purchase traffic

Blogging and SEO are excellent traffic generation practices that all businesses should incorporate into their inbound marketing strategies, but they do have their downsides. Although they can boost traffic organically, they do not have guaranteed results. Building an authority blog can take months and a lot of work. SEO, at the same time, requires a lot of research and it can take months until the strategy starts to take effect. Needless to say, maintaining a blog or SEO campaigns requires time and money, because dealing with them in-house is not a good idea. When you need a lot of traffic in a short time frame, purchasing traffic is the best solution because it delivers bulk traffic from your targeted location in no time. Professional vendors sell traffic that is accepted by the most important visiting tracking systems and depending on your needs you can even invest in a premium plan with low bounce rates and high conversion rates. If you’re not convinced, you can always require a free trial and see how exactly how this works!

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