Types of Coffee Makers

Are you tired of preparing coffee in a coffee pot? Are you ready to upgrade to a newer machine which will make home made coffee taste as good as the one from a coffee house. If your answer is yes, then you are ready to buy your own coffee maker. However, there’s a long way from wanting a new coffee machine and actually managing to find one which suits your needs. When doing your shopping research, the first thing that you need to decide is what type of coffee maker you want to buy. In this article, we have gathered the main characteristics of all types of coffee makers. We hope this information will make your shopping process easier.

Drip coffee makers
These type of machines are considered to be the standard models. They are very popular due to the fact that they are the most economical models. The various models of drip coffee makers can have a capacity of 4-14 cups. This is a practical model which everyone should have in their house. Even if you don’t drink coffee, you should still own a drip coffee maker in order to use when you have guests over. So if you want to purchase one but wouldn’t wish to be too bothered by the shopping process, find the best coffee maker reviews and see what product comes up more often. That way, you will at least see which brands are generally preferred.

Percolator coffee makers
This type of coffee maker is considered to be old fashioned by most people. Nevertheless, people who appreciate coffee know that this device makes a far better coffee than a standard drip model. People who are interested in this coffee maker can choose between the models designed for stove tops and the electric models with automatic settings.

Single use coffee makers, pods and k-cups
The problem with single use coffee makers is that, as the name suggests, they can only make on cup of coffee. While this may be convenient for most single people, it can be a problem when you have guests over or when you have a large family. However, the taste experience is quite nice, especially since capsules, pods and k-cups are available in various flavors.

French Coffee Presses
This type of coffee makers are slowly but steadily exiting the coffee maker market. We don’t recommend them because they are quite complicated to use. You must put in the ground coffee, fill it with boiling water, stir slowly for a few minutes and then press the grounds to the bottom with the french press. This type of coffee should only be made prior to serving. As you can see, this model lacks a lot of convenience features.

Espresso machines
If you are the type of person who drinks coffee for its exquisite taste not just for its energy benefits, then you need a professional espresso machine. These coffee makers are by far the best models. Although they are a lot more expensive than other models, they are well worth the money as they deliver delicious coffee. When buying such a coffee maker, you must first consider its size, serving capacities and brewing process.

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