Types of Competition Racing

A competition racing involves a high speed which competitors have to use in order to complete a certain task in the shortest period of time. Usually, they have to achieve a certain goal by traversing a distance, but competitors can also race in other types of contests such as eating, bartending or typing competitions.

People have raced since ancient times. Greeks used to mark the events that involved this form of measuring powers by using pottery that illustrated running men competing for the first place. Homer’s Iliad contains a sequence in which the author describes a chariot race. So, a race can be held in many different domains as long as it involves turning to speed to reach a special goal.

In a competition racing at a high speed is absolutely necessary. No matter what type of vehicles are involved, the contestants have to do their best to stay ahead of their rivals. They must opt for strong and improved vehicles such as boats, aircraft and cars in order to succeed. Other forms of racing are by skates, skis, kicksled and cycles, and although it might seem unusual, there are people in India who use bullock cart-racing or he-buffaloes as a way to have fun.

A common competition implying eating is a hot dog eating race where the participants try to eat as much hotdogs as they can. It is held each year in Coney Island, New York and it takes place on July 4 at Nathan’s Famous Corporation, a very well known restaurant.

However, most of the people who like adrenaline are fans of car racing. The Dakar Rally became very popular in 1978 and it has developed in an annual rally raid. Due to some security measures, the Amaury Sport Organisation decided to organize it in South America since 2009. 80% of the participants are amateurs and only the rest of the contestants are professionals.

The cars used in this rally raid are off-road vehicles and they have to traverse a tough terrain with muddy areas, rocks, dunes and camel grass. In a racing competition, the contestants can race against each other from start to finish, or they can race only on several portions called stages, heats or legs. The Dakar Rally features stages which can vary from small distances up to 900 kilometers(560 miles) per day. The winners of the 2014 competition racing were Nani Roma and Michel Perin who participated with a Mini All 4 Racing car.

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