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Types of Modern Gardens

When it comes to home and garden design styles, the modernist current is getting more popular each day. Modern themed items consist of accessories, furniture, decorations and interior designs. Obviously, when owning a modern home, you need to take care of its exterior, as well. Therefore, a lot of modern gardens have been designed in order to match the modern home.

The key elements of modern gardens are more timber, stone, concrete and lights, adding some imposing architectural plants. However, the use of plants is kept to a minimum so that there is enough room for outdoor activities and leaving more area to be used in various ways. In addition, do not hesitate to use water elements, include sculptures and containers in your modern garden; some of these containers can also have a double function, as we will further show you in the pictures below.

Here are some types of modern gardens from which you can choose and create your own:

The exotic garden

This exotic garden conveys a sense of recreation from the moment you look at it. It is one of the few modern home and garden designs which inspires warmth and comfort. The large seating area created around the fire pit adds some entertainment to it. The plants used resist all year round and the subtle lighting leaves you with a comfortable feeling and enhances, as well, its lavish look. Screens made of willow are suspended from railway sleepers, creating some separation between spaces.

The social garden

You can use black polished stone and limestone paving to create separate spaces for a little privacy. The garden shown in the photo below is situated above an office created in the basement space; therefore, light casements have been incorporated into the pavement. The cedar fencing with slats is lined with a glass screen illuminated from behind to add drama. Solid but comfy seating is recommended for your relaxing social garden.

Interesting herb garden

This is one of the most easy-to-do, useful and modern gardens you can probably design. Create a living wall of scented herbs that can help you spice your dinner with the freshly picked out selection. This wall could not be used in a more clever way. Moreover, its green spots mixed with the graphic dark holes on the white background create a modern growing artwork.

Colorful garden

The pink colored containers are not only for plants, they have a double function, being also integrated seats while enhancing the modern look.  The pink color is even more outstanding in combination with the slate floor tiles, and along with the green plants creates a more intense summery sensation.

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