Types of Skin Art

In the last decades, the media has bombarded us with numerous outrageous news. Nowadays, we feel that we have seen and heard it all. It is very hard to find something which still shocks us. The majority of people have accepted the fact that on a certain level we are characterized by ubiquity. We are a part of a set and only our mind can make us unique and original. There are however a lot of people who resent the idea of universality and who are constantly trying to stand out. These people are not satisfied with the uniqueness of their mind and they prefer to express their ideas and their principles through their appearance. The most drastic way of expressing one’s individuality is with the help of body art. Today we are going to analyze, the most popular types of skin art.

  • 1. Tattoos

Tattoos are not only the most common type of skin art but also the oldest one. Over the years, the tattooing process has implemented a few improvements which now allow body artists to design intricate and realistic tattoos. It’s sometime hard to chose a design that represents you but this days you can find a lot of tattoo galleries online like where you can find a lot of options. There was a time when tattoos were symbolic and they stood for something that a person believed in or wished to remember. Nowadays, it is a lot harder to understand the meaning of a tattoo since a lot of people are choosing intricate designs. Perhaps this is a sign that tattoos have really turned into an art and they require a lot of thought in order to understand the artist’s ideas. However, the main problem with tattoos is the fact that they are kinda addictive. A lot of people end up using their bodies as canvases and cover them 100% in tattoos. We can’t help but wonder whether those people are trying to express their personality or hide their true selves underneath the ink.

  • 2. Body branding

While some people consider it madness, others call it skin art. As you probably know, branding is a procedure which involves using a hot metal in order to create a permanent scar with an unique shape. This process was first used on herds of animals in order for farmers to keep track of their cattle, sheep or other domestic animals. In oppressive regimes, it was sometimes used as a way to mark slaves which were considered to be as insignificant as animals. This practice is also found in some religious ceremonies. However, there are also some people which are using body branding as a type of skin art. Although in some situations, body branding can create interesting looking scars, this process is very dangerous and it should never be performed by amateurs as it can cause serious infections which sometimes lead to surgeries and painful recoveries.

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