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Uncommon home sore throat remedies

Many people have been trying to find the most affordable, yet the most effective sore throat remedies, every time they’ve been facing with such issue. In this articles you no longer have to try them all, for there are explained the most uncommonly met sore throat remedies, ones done indoors by yourself. This way, you get to know exactly what you are eating or swallowing and the effects the home cures have over your problem. And you won’t affect other parts of the body, for these sore throat remedies take action only in the spotted place.

To begin with, here you’ll find some of the most weird sore throat remedies, by mixing up ingredients you already have in your house. Though medicine has developed a lot, you can easily apply to the home cures, for these are made of herbals and natural ingredients which couldn’t possibly affect the rest of your body in a negative way. The simplest cure would be garlic. In combination with alum it results one of the most perfect sore throat remedies. Here’s how it’s done: you mix only a bit of this composition, in a glass of water. You then gargle with it and in short time you will feel no pain at all when swallowing. It is the best pain killer!

Another special cure is the mixture of bishop’s weed with water. Blend in for 15 minutes and you can also add a bit of salt for a better taste. You can gargle with this combination twice a day and it will get you rid of the mucous that seems to be in excessive quantities down your throat. Moreover, among the uncommon sore throat remedies there is the mixture of some Indian fruits, like liquorice and gooseberry. It’s more like an antibiotic, for you have to follow this treatment twice a day, for 14 days. If you get sick and tired of the same taste, you can add some sugar and milk along with your daily teaspoon of mixture.

If you are interested in getting rid of the itching and pain, along with that dryness felt down the throat, mix some sugar with coriander and have a spoon of that at least three times a day. Somehow, if you don’t like the awful taste of the sore throat remedies mentioned above, you can always pick the pineapple juice as a cure. Still, it has to have a certain frequency and try to limit your quantity for less. Also, the mixture of garlic with ginger and holy basil will work its magic upon your throat problem.

Overall, if you tend to get rid of sore issues, the home remedies are the best and try picking those instead of medicines. However, if things get more complicated, you should go see a doctor for a recipe prescription. The sore throat remedies has a fixed purpose and they can only work for what they have been administrate to. Besides, it is a cheap way to get rid of all those horrible symptoms that cause a sore throat.

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