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Useful Maintenance Tips for Salon Pedicure Chairs

The pedicure chair is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a beauty salon. Many modern salons invest in fancy pedicure chairs with massage features and pipe-less basins for improved sanitation. Needless to say, the more sophisticated a chair is, the more likely it is for it to experience technical problems. Regardless of the type of pedicure chair that you own, it is essential to maintain it properly. Regular cleaning is necessary to comply with the the highest hygiene standards, but also to maintain the chair in good shape, so that it looks good in your salon. Moreover, you also need to perform some technical maintenance from time to time, both for normal chairs and massage chairs.

Regular pedicure chair cleaning

For cleaning advice we turned to J&A USA, Inc, the most reputable spa equipment manufacturer of the moment. They make the highest quality pedicure chairs and they are experts in term of all spa equipment. They advise salon personnel to drain and disinfect the basin after each customer. The disinfection can be made with a Splish Splash solution or any other EPA certified disinfectant solution. Whatever you do, make sure to avoid any solution that contains bleach or barbicide, as these can damage the basin. For best results, pour the disinfectant solution into a spray bottle, and spray it onto the basin. Use a cloth to rub the solution on the basin, and once you are done, rinse thoroughly to remove the solution. As far as the chair itself goes, it should be cleaned at least once per day. This takes very little time, as all you have to do is gently rub the chair with a cloth or a paper tower.

Technical maintenance

Needless to say, pedicure chairs should only be installed and uninstalled by a certified plumber. To keep the chair’s upholstery in top condition, it is advised to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight, as well as heating and air conditioning systems. From time to time, you should also check the tightness of the chair’s screws. You should also schedule regular check-ups to prevent severe technical problems. The motor is the most important part for a massage chair, and it is the one most likely to cause problems. This is why we recommend buying from local pedicure chair manufacturers, as you will have an easier time finding replacement parts. Checking the chairs twice per year might seem like an unnecessary cost, but finding the problems early on gives you the chance to easily fix them, whereas postponing repairs can cause irreparable damage.

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