Using an app builder vs. hiring an app development company


Whether you want to launch a standalone app or the app is just an extension to your company services, it’s essential for the final product to be modern, bug-free and user-friendly. Nowadays, finding app development services is not difficult, but the challenge comes from finding the development method that works for you. In this regard, there are two schools of thought; on the one hand, some companies prefer hiring a specialist app development agency for the job; on the other hand, more and more entrepreneurs swear by app-builder software. Both sides have good arguments, but how can you know which one is for you and what method should you choose to reap the benefits of having an app?

Time of execution

When you’re in a hurry to launch your application on the market as soon as possible, you don’t want any delays. You want to be in control over the entire process and know exactly what the ETA is. While app development companies do establish a timeframe at the beginning of the collaboration, this timeframe isn’t always kept. Programmers can delay starting the project and weeks can go without you receiving any update. Usually, this happens because the company is understaffed or because they have worked on more projects at the same time. This delay doesn’t mean that the end result will be bad, but you should be aware, when you hire a company, that the deadline you suggest isn’t always the actual end date of the project. So, if you’re in a hurry, you might prefer taking the DIY approach and using an app-builder such as Siberian.  


When starting to work on an app, you should focus on the quality of the services you receive, but, apart from that, it’s normal to want to know about the price. From the financial standpoint, app development companies are the pricier and you should put aside a considerable budget if you need a high end, feature-packed product. Therefore, if you can’t afford an agency right now, but you still need an app, then you can use a free app-builder. You don’t need any coding skills for this and the result can be just as amazing than if you worked with a team of developers. Professional app builders are free to use as a demo and then you can pay to unlock the full features if you need them.


In many cases, businesses depend on the app they are about to launch, so, as a manager, you should know exactly what to expect from the development process. How long will it last? What challenges can you expect along the way? Is the app doable or should you pivot because the features you want can’t be done? From this point of view, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. With an app-builder, you know from the very beginning exactly what you can build because the capabilities of the software are clearly listed. However, you can’t get any custom support regarding the idea behind the app. With a development company, you can talk about your project and get a few development tips. However, they might not be very honest about their skills. For example, they can promise you the most amazing features to get you to sign a contract and then they could tell you that they’re not possible.


There are so many apps available on the market today that if you want to stand out, you need to impress users with great features. These can be attained both if you hire an app development agency and if you use an app builder, so it’s up to you to decide on the option that suits your needs and budget.

Support and documentation

Last, but not least, keep in mind that you could still have concerns about the app after it’s launched, which brings the need for ongoing support. Some companies do offer this, so if you notice bugs or get negative user feedback, they can help. However, that is not a given. With app builders, getting support is also possible to a certain extent, but you do have documentation. Because more people use the same software to develop apps, they have extensive documentation on how to use the software, and that is where you can learn more. Also, you can find answers in forums and blogs.

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