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Virtual assistants – a helping hand for the modern entrepreneur

The advent of online means of communication has given business owners more freedom, allowing them to meet corporate objectives faster, without being restricted to a physical location. Hiring virtual assistants has emerged as a modern solution that both startup companies and large enterprises can benefit from, especially in critical situations. Whether you choose local assistance or offshore services, a virtual assistant can bring more order and organization into your life, leaving you with more time to lead your team and focus on managerial activities.


What is a virtual assistant and what tasks can you outsource?


A virtual assistant (VA) is a trained professional who can be help you complete corporate tasks remotely, using e-mails, fax, phones or Skype. Any administrative or social task that can be completed over the phone or over the Internet can be outsourced to a virtual assistant. This includes processes such as bookkeeping, customer service, paying bills, making reservations, event planning, human resources, web development and maintenance, real estate, translations, data entry and many, many more. No matter what kind of professional help you need in your company, you can contact a company such as 247 Virtual Assistants and you will be assigned to an experienced VA. Professional VAs usually have several good years of experience in the real business world, so you can entrust them with administrative processes.


Increase productivity without hiring new personnel


One of the most challenging situations that business owners have to face is needing urgent help on a project, but not being prepared to hire new personnel. It is a common scenario, especially in startups and, unfortunately, many promising businesses fail because of it. You could hire a full time employee for the task, but lose money in the long run because you no longer need the employee after the task is complete, or you could deal with the task yourself and risk doing a very bad job. Virtual assistants provide a simple, effective alternative to these two negative extremes: you can hire them when you need them, have the task solved before the established deadline and stop the collaboration when you no longer require their services. Virtual assistants are already trained professionals in the field, assigned to you based on your corporate profile, so you do not need to train them, invest in their development, pay taxes or expand your office space.


How much does it cost to hire a virtual assistant?


Virtual assistant companies usually provide business owners with two options, each priced differently. If you only need a VA for a short period, you can hire him/her by the hour, with a fixed fee. If you estimate that you will be needing help on a long term basis, you can choose a plan, similar to a subscription, which includes several hours of work per month. This is usually indicated for tasks such as bookkeeping or customer service. These plans are generally developed based on entrepreneurial profiles, so you can choose one that matches the size or requirements of your company.


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