Wedding invitations – ideas and trends

Wedding invitations symbolize the visiting card of the wedding. It is very important that the invitations represent the grooms and also to fit in the wedding theme. The diversity of designs and materials of the invitations ​​will allow you to choose what suits you best. From custom cardboard invitations to invitations of glass or wood, all are designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Here are some ideas and trends for the wedding invitations.

  • Wood wedding invitations. Wood engraved wedding invitations are increasingly required by couples who are preparing for the great event. These invitations are ideal for a modern wedding with romantic notes.
  • Lollipops wedding invitations. These invitations in the shape of lollipops represent the perfect choice for a joyful and funny wedding. Colored or simple, accessorized with elegant elements, these invitations make guests think of a delicious wedding, but, at the same time graceful.
  • Personalized wedding invitations. The wedding invitation personalized with your couple picture is a unique and modern way to capture the wedding moment, and at the same time, guests will be happy to have such an invitation as a souvenir.
  • ‘Traveling’ wedding invitations. If you’re wedding theme has marine elements this invitation is the perfect choice. The invitation, placed in a bottle will fit perfectly with the chosen marine theme.
  • Glass wedding invitations. This valuable model with text engraved on crystal or glass is ideal for a winter wedding. It is different than the usual invitations, but you will certainly manage to impress guests from the beginning.
  • Floral wedding invitations. Wedding invitations with printed flower motifs will never go out of trend and are a perfect choice for a romantic wedding that takes place in nature. Another trend relates to invitations involving natural flowers or pressed leaves.
  • Funny wedding invitations. For young and nonconformist couples there is the alternative of funny wedding invitations. Whether we talk about cartoons or other drawings, these invitations will surly surprise guests and can bring a smile to family and friends.
  • Handmade invitations. Whether you call for a specialist in the art, whether you make it yourself, this type of invitation will surely be appreciated by guests. Handmade wedding invitations will be special both aesthetically and symbolically.
  • Vintage wedding invitations. Vintage fashion has reached even the wedding invitations. Such invitations are a perfect choice especially for thematic weddings.


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