Wedding messages

There are many ways to express what you feel in one special moment and at a wedding, the messages for the bride and groom coming from the guests, as well as thank-you messages from the grooms are no exception. But if you run out of inspiration, here are some ideas for the wedding messages.

Wedding messages from the guests:

  • May your life together be a beautiful adventure! Congratulations on your marriage!
  • Best wishes to both of you and a wonderful life from now on!
  • It’s a great privilege for us to be witnesses of the unity of the finest pair of lovers we saw in our lives.
  • May your marriage be sprinkled only with happiness, good news and may your love be eternal!
  • I wish you great happiness together!
  • In the best day of your life we are with you with our heart and mind and wish you only happiness and joy.
  • Congratulations! I wish you to be the most joyful, happiest, loving and most beautiful couple.
  • May your life together be full of love, health, money and luck!
  • Dear young couple! I wish you to be healthy, cheerful and happy in your new life together.
  • May all your dreams come true! Take care of your trust, hope and wisdom!
  • Always love each other as in this wonderful day and have a life full of happiness and fulfillment together.
  • May your life as husband and wife be full of joy and harmony!
  • Enjoy together any moment and live your life in happiness and total harmony.
  • Congratulations! May your new life together bring you only joy and happiness!

Thank-you messages for the wedding favors:

  • Thank you for your presence on the most beautiful day of our life.
  • We want to thank you for being with us today.
  • For you, many thanks!
  • We appreciate your presence today.
  • We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your lovely presence.

Messages for the thank-you cards:

  • Thank you so much for being with us on our wedding.
  • Thank you for the wonderful gift and for your lovely presence.
  • A huge thank you for your presence, for the beautiful gift and for the special moments you helped us create.
  • We thank you for being here, for helping us make our day so unique and thank you for your love.

These messages are all great and expressive of the general feelings revolving around a wedding, but if you want to be more original and personal, you can either come up with a message of your own, or you can read some relationship quotes and find one that is suitable for the new couple’s relationship.Certain relationship quotes are very profound and interesting, and they can be the perfect way to covey your best wishes to the newlyweds. You can find samples on the internet, but you can draw a quote from a favorite book, movie or song as well.

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