Wedding traditions and superstitions

In addition to the tradition for the groom not to see the bride before the wedding, there are a lot of other wedding traditions and superstitions.

  • Engagement traditions and superstitions

It is said that a woman should not get married to a man whose last name begins with the same later as her last name. In order for the marriage to work, a woman must not ask a man to marriage during a leap year. Another sign of bad luck is when a bride takes off her engagement ring before the wedding day. In addition, engagement and wedding rings should be worn only on the forth finger of the left hand, as this finger is the only one that has a vein connected directly to the heart.

  • Wedding day traditions and superstitions

A wedding superstition says that it is bad luck if the bride sees an open grave during the wedding day. On the other hand, it is good luck if the bride cries on her wedding day, because it is said that these tears will be the last ones she will shed during her marriage. Another good luck sign is if the groom drops the wedding ring during the ceremony.

Saturday is believed to be the least happy day to get married, while the vows should not be said after 6 p.m., when the hours of the day start rewinding. The flower girl has a symbolic role, as the flowers on which the bride walks are the symbol of fertility. Throwing rice, flowers or confetti at the newlyweds is also a symbol of fertility. In addition, the bridesmaids` role is to confuse evil spirits so that they don`t realize who the bride is.

Another superstition says that the groom should arrive at the church before the bride and when he enters the church, he must enter with his right foot first. It is also good luck for the wedding to take place on the day of the week on which the groom was born.

  • Wedding attire traditions and superstitions

A wedding superstition states that a bride should not create or help make her own wedding gown. Borrowing a wedding dress brings good luck to the borrower, but bad luck to the lender.
The wedding veil is believed to protect the bride from evil spirits. If a bride wears pearls on her wedding day she will shed tears of sadness for each pearl.

In case the bride rips her wedding dress in her wedding day, it is said that her marriage will end with a death. On the other hand, it is good luck if the bride sees a spider on her wedding gown on the wedding day.

  • Wedding cake traditions and superstitions

To make sure they have a lifetime of sharing, the bride and groom must cut the first slide of wedding cake together. It is also believed that single women who attend the wedding will dream the man they will marry if they put a slice of wedding cake under the pillow.

  • After the wedding tradition and superstitions

When entering their home as newlyweds for the first time, the bride must not fall or trip, so the groom should carry her over the threshold of the door.

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