What does it takes to become the scientist who will change the world?

Every person has a dream job. Some want to become firemen, others want to save lives and they want to become doctors, but some people, like you, want to become scientists, because they know that science has the power to change the world. But your main question may be how can you become one of the greatest scientists in the world? How can you uncover the secrets of the universe in a way that will help your world become a better place for the future generations? The first thing you have to know is that you will have to learn, to get out of your lab, and communicate with the world, because it will be your job to tell your ideas to the humankind. If you want to become a scientist, then this blog is your source of inspiration. We put together some tips that will help anyone become a killer scientist. But we need from you to have passion.

Use your time in a meaningful way

If you want to be too busy to not have time to focus on learning new things, you will have no issues to find an excuse. People find excuses daily when they do not want to do something. If becoming a scientist is your greatest dream, then you will never have an excuse for not working.

  • You should organise your time in 15 minutes intervals. In this way, you will always have time to do everything you have in your mind.
  • You should check your calendar at the beginning of each week, and establish when your creative sessions will be. Schedule them in your program, and do not be a second late.
  • You should not miss the creative session as if you do not miss a doctor’s appointment. If you will not miss them, you will have no reasons to feel guilty and you will spend your time in a meaningful way.

 If you organise your program according to an established scheme, you will have time to spend with your loved ones, but you will also have time to focus on your passion. It is not complicated to follow the thing you love the most.

You need partners who share the same passion

Scientists often work together with other experts, because it helps them finish their projects more quickly.

  • Create your own team, you need to be surrounded by people you help you work your intellect, but who will help you stay humble when success will come. Give the world more than you will ever take, this is the secret of using your skills and talent into the world’s interest.
  • When you establish a partnership, make sure that you trust those people.
  • In case there are people who do not support you in your search, then you should get rid of them, they are only vampires who steal your energy and passion.
  • Your partners should be people who have the same talents and strengths you do. You should complete each other in order to perform in your actions. You should search for teachers, mentors and people who can help you when you hit a wall in your search.

Picture yourself in the role of James Bond

When you create something, and when you work on projects, you should make sure that your audience understands what the role and benefits of that thing are.

  • You should think like a human when you explain to people why you want to do a certain thing, because if you explain them from the role of an academic professor, they will never understand what your gaol is.
  • If you want, people to support your projects you have to know how to present them. Be concrete; tell them exactly what benefits the world will have, how it will become a better place if your project succeeds.
  • Before creating a presentation, ask your family members and friends to be your public, share with them your ideas, and ask for feedback. They will tell you what aspects need to be modified in your presentation.

A killer scientist needs the same abilities a military leader has. You have to be kind, fair, perseverant, courageous and open-minded. You trust your ideas, but if you listen to what other people have to say, you can improve them.

The greatest mistake you can do is to try to have control over everything. If you want to improve people’s lives, you have to base your scientific projects on evidence. Science can help the world only if you work with people, people from the real world, who are not scientists. If you strengthen your relationships with your friends, family and co-workers then you will have no issues in achieving your goal.

Let passion and curiosity conduct your projects

You can discover new things only if you are curios and you follow your passion. What do you think your books will reveal you? Nothing new. If you want to discover something that will marvel the world, then you should start doing experiments.

  • Do not try to understand what other people have done until now. Get in your lab, work and discover things. Let other people ask how you managed to find out that new thing that helps the world become a better place.
  • Always question yourself. The answer will help you know what step you have to make next.

You have access to profound insights only if you study hard and try to do things on your own.

  • When you try to discover a new thing, it should be the answer to a gap in science. Addressing a gap will help you make a name for yourself in the science industry.

The solution you come with should be useful. The best product is the one that shares the world your passion for it.

When you have difficulties in achieving your goal, you should remember why you wanted to become a scientist in the first place. Checking the polls about how many scientists have managed to become successful will not help you. Focus on your passion and you will motivate yourself daily.

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