What Is Global Security

According to one theory, a realistic concept of security implies the fact that the referenced element of security is the state. During the Cold War the leading world powers confided the safety of their country to an equilibrium of power among nations. Therefore, global security was based on the premise that if international stability is preserved, the security of citizens is also maintained.

There were times when security was understood as a protection from invasions by using technical and military strategies. More recently, the definition of global security includes more holistic approaches which imply that comprehensive, cooperative and collective measures should be used in order to provide security for citizens and, as a consequence, for the state.

To improve international security against possible threats like organized crime and terrorism, the international cooperation has increased which had led to transnational policing. The International Criminal Police Organization, which is also known as Interpol, is an intergovernmental organization that has the purpose to facilitate international police cooperation. It was established in 1923 and it has been sharing information across International borders since that moment.

The Interpol has registered some great improvements since the Internet was discovered. The ability to immediately transfer documents and photos worldwide has contributed in a great way to solving problems like catching fugitive criminals and annihilating terrorist groups who hoped they could escape the law by hiding in a foreign country.

Global security is achieved by applying measures that include diplomatic agreements and military actions which are represented by conventions and treaties between states. The most important thing that people should understand is that global and national security are strictly linked, because the changes that the economic and political background of a country might go through can affect the stability of other countries. Therefore, if a nation is struggling with a big lack of security and stability, the phases that it is going through will have a negative impact on the entire world.

These days the meaning of “security” covers a variety of interconnected factors that can affect the survival of individuals. It integrates military power, economic strength, but it refers to reconciling religious, ethnic, ideological and economic conflicts, as well. Energy supplies, science and technology, food resources, infectious diseases and climate changes are also major concerns that the leaders of the world focus on finding solution. So, the sense of international security has enlarged over the years, and it integrates many aspects that can affect the world as we know it.

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