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What is Slander and How Can It Go Unpunished

There are times when people use negative words in order to damage a person’s reputation. There are many ways to explain what is slander, but the easiest one involves describing a person’s intention to defame another one by saying bad and untrue things about him.

Most of the people try to keep their lives private, so they don’t allow anyone to interfere and find out what’s going on in their family or business. However, if someone is trying to hurt a person, he can do it by inventing ugly things about that person. It doesn’t matter he never really had access to a source of information, because lying represents one of the easiest ways to damage someone’s image.

The oral communication of malicious statements which are false can bring bad consequences for those who made injurious affirmations. A claim must be considered false in order to represent defamation under a common law. If a person can bring proves of calumny, legal actions can be taken against the man who is responsible for it.

There is another form of defamation which must not be mistaken by slander. The answer to the question “What is slander?” is not the same to the question “What is libel?”, so there are some aspects that must be clarified regarding this matter.

Slander represents a way of denigrating someone by making an injurious statement in a transitory form. While libel is described as calumny by written or printed words and photos, slander represents the communication of lies trough words, especially speeches.

Although many countries have adopted a law system that punishes those who don’t know what is slander effect on people, there are many ways to go unpunished. Many defense lawyers plead that their customers made a statement because they really believed it was true, and usually nobody can prove the contrary. Others lawyers invoke the fact that their clients didn’t really made a statement since they claim that they just expressed their opinion regarding a person’s life.

The best method that a defendant can escape charges is by affirming that he only meant to upset the victim, and that is why he said certain lies. Mere vulgar abuse is an insult that is intended to upset the victim and not be taken literally. If the victim already has a bad character, it is considered that he is not capable of further defamation, so his poor position in society won’t help him obtain the results he wanted.

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