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What to look for when choosing a website template


In a society where the online field became as important as anything else, it is absolutely required to learn more about how to make yourself noticed in this environment. Mastering such skills can be troubling at first, especially if you are not familiarized with how things work. Yet everything has a starting point and you might get to learn about much more concepts than you initially planned to. The online environment is all about making the experience pleasurable by catching the audience’s attention. This is usually done through visuals and responsiveness. Because people are permanently in a hurry, a fast website that contains minimal elements and the strict information that they are looking for will always be preferred instead of websites that take minutes to load and they are difficult to navigate on.

This is one reason why you might want to gather as much information as possible and figure out what the latest trends regarding website templates are. Emerging yourself in the online environment means you have to know what your target audience desires from your website. It depends on both the domain you are covering through your website and the sector of people that are accessing it. Choosing a design that you are going to stick with involves a certain level of risk taken. Trends change each year, but some are forever eye-pleasing. It all depends on your capability to make good use of the resources that surround you. This article is going to summarize the aspects you should be looking for the moment you choose your future website template.

Trends in the present

The year 2018 is governed by a series of completely different website design trends compared to the past few ones. Minimalism designs and faded color palettes were the starts of the past year, but nowadays websites should attract through bright, multiple color schemes, gradients, aesthetic images, unconventionality, bold fonts and so on. A website template these days should entirely rely on quick response, besides good looks. Here’s what your website template should contain in order to respect today’s requirements:

  • More depth rather than flatness

If in the past, the goal was to strive for minimal designs, with no depth at all, today it is all about two-dimensional designs with plenty of depth. A website template that uses shadows to help to establish focal points of your choice will guide the visitor’s attention to the pieces of information you want to emphasize. Depth is a little bit too much for designers who still consider simplicity much more efficient than such a movement, although the results seem to be quite favorable.

  • Duotones and multicolor

Before the latest changes, the one combo that used to attract all eyes was using two discrete colors that complement each other. Today, it is all about unconventional duotone and multicolor techniques. Choose website templates that are based on semi-flat designs and duotone imagery, as this is the main trend of the year.  

  • Patterns (mostly vintage)

Vintage patterns are back in the game. Vintage website templates are quite preferred by the large audience, especially if your website’s specific has something to do with the 80’s and 90’s. Pastels, florals and electric hues are perfect choices for an eye-catching design. Geometric patterns are everlasting, so consider them if you want to combine both modernism and the vintage style.

  • High-detailed websites

A website template that includes plenty of details expresses professionalism, which is one of the characteristics you want to fructify. A visitor that expects responsiveness will also keep an eye out for details. A section that’s not completed or a button that doesn’t work is enough to change the opinion of visitors.   

  • Diverse typography

Using different types of fonts is essential for a quality website template. This year, the attention goes to bold fonts, efficiently combined with elegant, curly ones. Most website templates are based on the four major categories of fonts: serif, sans serif, script and decorative. Never exaggerate with the number of fonts used on your website, or you might risk tiring or even confusing the visitors. Check what the latest trends are and follow them strictly.

  • Movement

Since GIFs are so popular these days, don’t be afraid to include them on your website as long as it doesn’t make it slower. Choose a website template that allows using videos, animations, and GIFs. The visual impact is much stronger than the one you obtain through the content you are publishing. Make efforts to create a website that’s both good looking and working properly. Visuals are the new quality content, so focus on that more.

The website’s specific

Depending on the niche you are specialized into and the purpose of your website, there are some criteria that you should consider when choosing a website template. Don’t forget that a professional layout is always one to reach out for. No one will ever trust a website that doesn’t look trustworthy. You can find inspiration by looking through the thousands of responsive Joomla templates, some of the most used templates out there. Keep in mind that the content you post (quantitively and qualitatively), the purpose of the home page and the complexity of the menu bar are essential details when choosing a template, so decide from the very beginning what’s most important to your activity.


The last step for properly choosing a template is carefully analyzing the competition. Do you enjoy your visitor experience on other websites? Then follow their model and try to achieve the same outcome by setting up your own website properly. Picking a website template that’s both responsive and aesthetically pleasing is no easy job, but with the right kind of guidance you will make it through. You don’t need special knowledge or complex skills to simply choose a website template, but try to remain in theme with the latest trends to make sure that the decisions you are making are going to be productive in the end.

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