What Type of Auto Insurance is Best

No matter where you live, car insurance is going to be legally required if you plan on your vehicle leaving your driveway. But car insurance is nothing but beneficial: in the event of an accident or some type of collision involving your vehicle, an insurance policy will pick up the tab on a lot or possibly all of the associated costs. And trust the experts when they tell you: even minor fender benders can rack up a couple of thousand in damages, so imagine what a serious car accident involving multiple vehicles and fast speeds could end up costing.

But what type of auto insurance is best? Well, regardless of whether you get in touch with an insurance agent by phone, via a website, or in person, what’s important to know is that you need to select the policy that’s right for you and your driving habits, regardless of what a particular insurance company may encourage you to purchase. For instance, if you don’t drive very often, and you live in a suburban or rural area, you could probably get away with liability-only insurance or a comprehensive policy with a high deductible ($500 or more) with minimal risk. But if you live in an urban setting and frequently drive, you’d want to go for a comprehensive coverage policy, and opt for a middle-of-the-road deductible that would be affordable in the event of an accident, but not so low that your monthly payments would exceed your budget.

If you like to travel, then it’s especially important to choose a car insurance policy that is travel-friendly. Whether you partake in Durham travel or you like to cross state lines and explore new areas of the country, make sure that your insurance policy will follow you wherever you go. And in this case, you might consider a supplemental insurance from a third party travel insurance company, as these will often provide better rates on vehicle towing and rental. Additional services such as flat tire changes or battery jumps might be available for free or at low cost. These optional services might not be of much use to someone who doesn’t drive much, but for the frequent traveler, they’re practically a necessity.

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