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Why Do We Need Water Filter Systems?

Due to the fact that water is an essential part of our life, we often take it as it is and we assume that it is good for us. It keeps us hydrated, it activates our internal organs and it does not have any calories. However, how many of us consider the quality of the water that we drink? Believe it or not, tap water contains many contaminants that can lead to serious illnesses. Furthermore, bottled water does not come from pure mountain springs. Therefore, what can we actually do in order to provide our bodies with pure water? The answer to this question is very simple. Water filter systems are a simple and convenient way of ensuring that your tap water does not just abide by the minimum health requirements, but it is actually as pure as it can be.

What does tap water contain? The list of contaminants found in the water delivered by the municipal water system is bound to shock you. For starters, tap water contains volatile organic chemicals (VOC) such as herbicides, pesticides and countless other chemicals. Tap water can also contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury, chlorine, and fluoride. The last one is not an accidental chemical as it is purposely added to the water because it is believed to have certain health benefits that are yet to be proven. On the other hand the disadvantages and the health risks or fluorine are scientifically proven.

Isn’t bottled water better?
A lot of people are under the impression that while water filter systems are efficient, bottled water is still healthier. However, that if far from being true. A lot of bottled water is just as bad as tap water. That is because, just as tap water, bottled water only has to abide by minimum health standards. Of course, certain respected water brands exceed the minimum health requirements and provide the consumers with the purest water possible yet these brands are rather expensive. Furthermore, bottled water is only a solution for the water that we drink, but what about the water that we use to take showers or the chemical vapors inhaled during long baths or produced by the dishwasher?

Benefits of water filter systems
There are various types of water filters and they all have unique features. Most of them can remove as far as 99,97% of common water contaminants. Certain filters used the reversed osmosis system which is also used by a lot of bottled water suppliers. The best water filter systems are the ones which cover the whole house as they diminish not only the risk of directly coming in contact with water contaminants but also the risk of inhaling contaminated vapors.

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