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Why Vaping Is A Safer Solution To Clouds?

Clouds of smoke here and there portray a nasty sight, evoking the fear of declining health- whether you are an active or passive smoker. Slaves of the cigarette addiction that smokers are, little do they care how much they are harming themselves and the surroundings around. The worst part is that they find it real hard to come out of the ill habit when they finally come to senses and decide to quit smoking. However, quitting smoking need not be that painful anymore thanks to the electronic vaping cigarettes that are considered as a much safer solution compared to smoking clouds.
The article below offers a brief on why vaping is a safer solution to smoking clouds.

No carcinogenic content

The first and foremost safety clause here is that vaping takes you to a world free of carcinogenic cancer-causing components which are so usual with the traditional cigarettes. Thus, you are at a healthier avenue with electronic cigarettes compared to the conventional cigarettes.

Quitting addiction is easier

The electronic cigarettes are available in varied strengths of nicotine so that you can pick a one as per your typical smoking habits. The regular chain smokers having a hard time to come out of addiction can start with a higher limit and then gradually lower it to the least strength.
The very structure of an electronic cigarette resembles that of a conventional cigarette so that the users don’t miss out on the feeling of smoking from the white stick with a glowing tip. Thus, they are never drawn to the original cigarettes once they start using the vaping option. The good thing is that the electronic cigarettes are available in varied flavours to choose from- like cherry, menthol, coffee, vanilla etc. added to tobacco.

No foul smell or stain

It’s the tar and harmful chemicals present in traditional cigarettes that result in foul smell and the yellow stains on fingers and teeth. But the vaping solutions assure no such nuisance.

Socially acceptable

Clouds of smoke are not acceptable socially and put up an offensive picture. But the electronic cigarettes are vaping solutions and do not produce the disturbing smoke clouds which has earned it a nod for social gatherings. Thus, with electronic cigarettes, you have this very freedom to smoke wherever you wish to. In fact, some of the cafes or pubs that do not allow traditional cigarettes are easy with vaping. It’s because, vaping eliminates risks of second-hand smoking for people around the smoker.

No ash

As there is no flame or combustion, vaping does not produce ash- the vaping mist emitted from the e-cigs is simple water-based vapour which dissipates in seconds.

Low cost

Finally you can switch to vaping at a much lesser cost compared to traditional cigarettes. Yes, you will often find several e-cig giveaways and contests doing the rounds where you can even win a vape pen– completely free of cost & just by a like on the e-cig dealer’s Facebook page or other such simple means.

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