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Windows Phone Development

Windows Phone is represented by a series of smartphone operating systems that were developed by Microsoft by creating a new user interface which features a “Modern” design. It is an improved version of Windows Mobile, because it was produced for the consumer market, and not only for the enterprise one.

Although it was first launched in October 2010, this system appeared after an impressive work on a major Windows Mobile improvement that has started as early as 2004. So, work progressed slowly, and the previous project that was named “Photon” was canceled. Later, in 2008, Microsoft regrouped the Windows Mobile elements, and begun to work on a new operating system. So, Windows phone was developed rapidly.

However, there were some problems regarding the compatibility with Windows Mobile applications. Therefore, the senior manager blamed this inconvenience on the lack of time and resources that he and his team faced. Moreover, he said that the problem will be solved eventually, especially because Microsoft was going to look at the mobile phone market with a new goal, considering the end user as well as the enterprise network.

Windows Phone 7 was announced on February 15, 2010, and it was released on November 8, 2010 in the United States. Furthermore, Microsoft developed a new version of Windows Phone 7, which integrated a mobile alternative of Internet Explorer 9 that features the same properties as the desktop version. Regular web standards, graphical ability, multi-tasking of third-party applications, Twitter implementation and Windows Live SkyDrive access are just a few of the features that convinced people that this smartphone operating systems provide reliable services.

A small update was released in 2012 and allowed the hardware to function for devices with 800 MHz CPUs and 256 MB of RAM. Moreover, in 2013 Windows 7.8 was released, and it impressed with an improved start screen and with the option to future the Bing image of the day as the lock screen wallpaper. Microsoft intended to prolong the life of Windows Phone 7.8 by adding it certain features which were meant to allow it to coexist with Windows Phone 8. That way they could provide products in different price ranges that could cover everyone’s budget.

Windows Phone 8 was launched in October 2012, and it was succeeded by Windows Phone 8.1 in February 10, 2014. This new operating system replaced the architecture that was based on Windows CE with a Windows NT kernel-based architecture. Therefore, applications managed to be easily ported from one platform to another.

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