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Zorin OS 8 Operating System

Zorin OS 8 is a Linux distribution which features an operating system that integrates multiple functions. It is created for beginners who are not used to running very complex programs. Furthermore, it integrates the most popular desktop Linux in the world which is called “Ubuntu” and which is designed especially for newcomers to Linux.

There are certain programs that can be used in order to improve the appearance of the Zorin OS 8 operating system. They can help you change the user interface very easily as this action involves only the touch of a button. Other programs that can be used to update it include the Background Plus and Internet Browser Manager programs. Moreover, this operating system can be used alongside with your regular operating system and it can also run Microsoft Windows programs by using PlayOnLinux.

Another important aspect that will improve your computer’s performance refers to the fact that Zoris OS is highly resistant to Windows viruses.

One of the best features of the open source Linux operating system is that there is a large number of distributions that you can choose from. However, Zorin OS 8 presents the biggest advantages, and it represents the main preference for Windows users. The way it looks is similar to the way that Windows 7 looks by default. That means that you will find two icons for “Home” and “Computer” on the desktop. Furthermore, the taskbar that it features includes a “Z” letter which replaces the word “Start”, and it also comes with a launch bar and a system tray.

The launch bar incorporates icons for the audio app, for the Chrome web browser and for the file browser, and you can also find icons for the network settings, keyboard layouts, power management, Bluetooth, and audio settings. So, there are many standard applications that can turn this operating system into the best choice you can make. A text editor, screen grabber, disc burning software, calculator and an archive/compression tool are just a few of the elements that can improve the time that you spend in front of your computer’s desktop.

The main browser that Zorin OS 8 features is Chrome, but there are other distributions which ship with Chromium or FireFox. Therefore, if Chrome is not a browser that can meet your expectations, you can opt for any browser within Zorin as it integrates a web browser manager. So, depending on your preferences, you can make any adjustment you like.

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